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Finding Affordable Cremations

Author: Team APT

Published: July 21, 2015

funeral-arrangementsWhile not all final decisions are based on price, service or personal beliefs, it is still a financial decision that should be decided on without distraction.

The loss of a loved one is most often a fragile and painful time. Pre-Arranged funerals or Pre-Arranged Cremation Services can often allow for both affordable and personable decisions to be made so to ensure your focus is on your loved ones and not finances.

Where Cremation was about 25% the service of choice a decade ago it is now far exceeding the 40% range according to Nicodemus of Hollman-Brown.

The rise in cremation is not just financially based but rather, in 1963 when the Roman Catholic Church approved Cremation to be an acceptable option, prospects then began to see it as a more viable and socially acceptable option. And in 1997, when the Roman Catholic Church accepted that Cremation Remains could be present during a Catholic Funeral Mass, there was a significant increase in Catholic Cremations.

While there are many cremation services nationwide, if you are in North Texas, Aria Cremation and Funeral has both Pre-Arranged and At Need Cremation Services. These services range from 995.00 for a Direct Cremation to Funeral with Cremation to follow for under 4,000.00. These are both affordable and if is managed Pre-arranged, you are able to be more personable with the services.  Aria Cremation now has a new mobile app that offers a supporting check list and other features that may make a delicate time just a little softer.