Funeral Homes

What does a typical funeral service entail?

There are a multitude of ways to celebrate the life of a loved one. However, all kinds of funeral services typically follow a simple protocol. First, you must determine where you want the funeral to be held at. It could be held in a church, in a chapel, at a graveside, at your home or another possible location. Once you have the location set, you must figure out who you would like to conduct the service. It could be a member of the clergy, a member of your family, or just about anyone you see fit! Next, you have to decide on a service format, which means the order in which you would like events to occur. Whether you want prayers said first or last, what kind of seating you want and perhaps when you want music playing. You must figure out what kind of transportation you will choose to carry your loved one in. Next, are minor details such as flower arrangements and after funeral destinations. This is a vague description of what a funeral service typically consists of. There are different types of funeral services and those services entail much different activities. More or less, the traditional, basic funeral contains all of the above.

What should I bring with me when going to arrange my funeral service?

Funeral services are not the typical movie scenario. You do not have to have your funeral by a graveside surrounded with people dressed in black. However, if this is what you want, bring that idea with you to your meeting with your funeral director. There are a few other things you need to bring with you besides ideas. First, you will be needing information to sustain the completion of your loved one’s death certificate. These items include their social security number, their last address of their last residence lived in, their occupation, their marital status, their mother and father’s full name, the birth certificate and all other information you have access to. You should also bring a set of clothes for your loved one to wear. In some cases, photographs would also be needed. It would be smart to get ahold of all information you can about your loved one before entering the meeting. These are the only physical items you should be prepared to bring besides a method for payment.