Mission Statement and History

As we go through life, we will all experience the loss of a loved one. At AreaCremations.com, we feel it is critical that services such as cremation and funeral home services be easy to communicate with and locate. Often, we are under much added stress and emotional tension during these trying times making the search for a service provider a daunting task. It is an honor to provide the largest website on the internet who offers a direct line of communication to a local cremation and funeral home service provider in your area.

“With Great Pride, Love and Integrity We Bring You AreaCremations.com”

Our History

Areacremations.com is managed by and under complete control of APT Media,Inc., and is not a service provider of cremation or funeral services. APT Media, Inc. is a national marketing team located in North Texas founded by Mr. Tom Bates also of North Texas. With more than 30 years combined internet marketing experience, APT Media, Inc. and AreaCremations.com are the authority in Cremation and Funeral Home Directory Services. All listings found on this website have been confirmed to be a licensed cremation service provider or Funeral home and licensed with good standing in their state.